Happy team
Happy customers

Surfboard is the first workforce planning tool that uses data to improve the lives of agents.

Surfboard is built for customer-obsessed companies that believe a happy team makes for happy customers

The secret sauce in creating an excellent customer experience comes from robust planning. We believe you deserve better tools than spreadsheets and legacy software. And we think the same tooling should be used to foster a culture of fairness and transparency for your team.


Existing planning tools tend towards intrusive surveilance of agents. Instead we believe they do their best work when they are a trusted part of the wider team


We believe in a healthier and more sustainable way to plan teams than the burn and churn model that leads to average agent tenure of just six months


Agents aren’t robots – they are the eyes and ears of your company. Give them fulfilment and they will become an invaluable source of insight for your company

Surfboard lets you plan for great service

Cutting-edge forecasting

Predict waves of inflow before they happen and have your team ready to navigate the wave

Fair scheduling

Delight your team with transparent and fair staffing, that gives everyone the space to do their best work

Root cause analysis

Daily post mortem of missed service levels so you can understand the "why" and improve

Frequently asked questions


What sort of teams do you work with?

We work best with teams of 10+ agents that focus primarily on inbound contact, such as support and success teams.


What makes Surfboard different?

We're focused on the belief that to provide great customer service you need to have a happy team. This starts from trusting the agents, giving them a fulfiling role in the business, and facilitating healthy balance. It also means fair and transparent scheduling, using accurate forecasting to give agents advance visibility of their rota.


Do you replace my CX platform?

No, there are lots of great tools for answering emails, routing phone calls, etc. We are focusing on how to build a great service team and use their time effectively. We integrate with your existing tools and capture all your data in one place.


Which CX platforms do you work with?

We connect to Zendesk, Twilio, Intercom and Aircall through API access and set you up within minutes. We're adding integrations all the time, so if your platform isn't listed just get in touch.


How does your forecast work?

By integrating into your existing channel platforms, we collect your historical data and can overlay this with seasonal patterns and external factors such as your growth model, new campaigns or other inputs that will trigger inflow.


Can Surfboard work with my specific requirements?

We know everyone's implementation is different, so we've built Surfboard with that in mind. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


How soon can I get started?

There is no need for a long complicated integration process. We can get you set up in minutes, just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.